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Adding & editing model instances


This section will take you through adding a model instance to the catalogue.

Step 1

  • From the navigation bar click on the 'Administration' link.

  • Now select 'New metadata'.

Under the following drop down list there are 2 templates.

  • Select 'Model Instance Template' and click .


A form will now load.


Step 2

Enter details into the form making sure all the sections marked with an asterisk are included.

To help fill out the form properly you may find the following useful:



Under this section you are required to plot a bounding box (set to WGS84 LatLong as default) showing a Models geographical extent. There are three ways this can be done:

  1. Enter coordinates manually by typing into the 'bound' boxes.
  2. Draw a bounding box on the map by clicking on the button and then dragging a box over the area required.
  3. Use the drop down menu to select a country (Map will zoom to the country extent).

Reference System Information

In order to set the geographical coordinate system,

  • Click on the icon and search for the coordinate system.

  • Once the coordinate system has been located, either double click on it to place it in the right hand side window or click on .

  • Click on to confirm your choice.

To remove your choice from the right hand side window select 'clear' or click on .

As a default this section is set to British National Grid (urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::27700).


In this section it is important to give your new instance a 'Parent identifier'.

The 'Parent' in this case refers to a 'Model Engine' therefore each instance or 'Child' needs to be identified with its appropriate model engine.

To search for the correct 'Parent identifier',

  • Click on the

  • Type in the name of the model engine in the 'Search' box and hit 'Enter' or click the icon.

If unsure, leave the search box empty and select the icon and this will give you a list of all the model engines available.

  • Once you have located the model engine you want check to box nect to the title and then click on .

Please note that the 'Parent identifier' box will be populated with an alpha-numeric code, once the instance is saved this will be replace with the model engine name.

When you have completed the form click on .



In order to edit a model instance you must be the owner (original author) of it, other users will only have access to view the metadata.

  • Type the model instance name into the search function (left hand side).

  • Click on 'search'.


Results will appear on the right and will look something like this:

This icon is shown next to the owners name confirming editing rights.



Results for non-owners will look something like this:

The icon shows that the user does not have editing rights and can only view the metadata by clicking on .