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Adding & editing model instances


This section will take you through adding a model engine to the catalogue.

Step 1

  • From the navigation bar click on the 'Administration' link.

  • Now select 'New metadata'.

Under the following drop down list there are 2 templates.

  • Select 'Model Engine Template' and click .


A form will now load.


Step 2

Enter details into the form making sure all the sections marked with an asterisk are included.

When you have completed the form click on .


Here are some useful things to note:

  • Clicking on a section heading can produce a pop-up help box.
  • Help

  • The icon will navigate the user to other resources to help populate fields.

  • The icon allows the user to add information.

  • The icon allows the user to delete information.



In order to edit a model engine you must be the owner (original author) of it, other users will only have access to view the metadata.

  • Type the model engine name into the search function (left hand side).

  • Click on 'search'.


Results will appear on the right and will look something like this:

This icon is shown next to the owners name confirming editing rights.



Results for non-owners will look something like this:

The icon shows that the user does not have editing rights and can only view the metadata by clicking on .